Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Social Media Dos and Dont's

For today’s blog we thought we would just write about some dos and don’ts for your Social Media behaviour and actions.

Employees and Social Media: Are your employees on Social Media? Chances are, they will be. You may want to think about speaking to them about a social media policy. Or have a written agreement in place where you see such lines as “these views are my own”. Or agree with your employees that they will not accept friend requests from clients etc. 

Your employees represent your company, and will be recognised by your clients and customers. Therefore it is best for everyone to know from the start where they stand with their online behaviour.

Remember About Your Bio: You probably already know the importance of writing in your bio section across your social media platforms – if you haven’t this could be costing you customers. 

Remember to write clearly what it is you do and why you are a good choice. If you are a shop or have a physical location make sure people know where to find you. And always place you link back to your website.

If you haven’t revised your bio section since setting your social media platforms up then this is something you may want to think about. Is everything you have written still applicable or has your business developed?

Quantity Vs Quality: time and time again we come across accounts selling followers and clients of ours wanting to buy them – DON’T!!! Quality Tops Quantity Every Time. Businesses are almost willing to do anything in order to gain more followers and likes but ultimately the whole point of running your social media properly is to gain more sales – this will not be the case if your followers are not relevant to what it is you offer.

A well run social media strategy will get you quality followers and sales all in good time. 

Unanswered Questions: The whole beauty of social media is that potential customers can view your online personality and see what a good company you are – if you have left any unanswered questions in the forms of: unanswered tweets, wall posts, direct messages, complaints – this is making you look bad.

Answer all questions or comments you receive on your social media platforms professionally and promptly. Do not be afraid of complaints – show the world how well you handle and resolve them.

Silence:  Never forget to post regularly across all your platforms. Failing to post will result in a lost audience. We appreciate you are busy and cannot always post as often as you wish (this is where One Media Solutions can help) however, we recommend you post at least 3 times a week on Facebook and at least one tweet per day on, of course, twitter. 

Your company needs to maintain a presence on social media.

If you are finding your social media management too much to handle One Media Solutions offer many packages to suit your budget to make sure your accounts are handled professionally every day. We’re a top Social MediaAgency and remember we do not tie you into contracts (we’re that confident in our service).

Using a Social Media Agency has many benefits, remember to check our website for more information.

Friday, 1 August 2014

What Are Hashtags and How Should They Be Used

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are business using Twitter to extend your brand and make sales. In which case, you should know how and what a hashtag is.

A hashtag, denoted by the # symbol, turns a word or a group of words into a link. Which allows users to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords. You can click on the hashtag and you will be shown posts that mention that particual subject, along with real time updated posts.

Hastags were first introduced by Twitter, however most social media platforms have followed, inlcuding Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr.

Twitter introduced and used hastags to help users group topics of conversations.

“ The Trends sidebar on Twitter creates a list of hashtags you might be intersted in based on your tweets” – Fusion360, Kylie Moore – “ Facebook added hashtag support in June 2013. Clicking on a Facebook hastag will take you to a list of posts containing the same hashtag” 

You can use hastags on your Instagram account to compliment your photos, discover new people to follow and pick up followers in return – hashtags work in the same way on Tumblr and Pinterest.
On Google+ hashtags will bring up search results, when clicked on, the hashtag will also display similar tags and keywords.

As hashtags are used to organise subjects/topics - your company can think up a hashtag which has not been used before as a branded punch line or to publicise an event happening within your company or promotion you’re offering. You then simply remind everyone to use this hashtag in their posts.
Your company can even generate interest by jumping on the back of popular or tranding hashtags – just keep your finger on the pulse.

Bear in mind to not just hashtag on whim – really think about why you are hashtagging a particular word. You are trying to generate relevant interest in your post. 

Also remember to not over use hastags one or two hashtags is more than appropriate in a post – too many hashtags can cause people to not read your update.

You don’t always have to be clever thinking up hashtags if you’re offering something on sale then simply hashtag the word #sale. It’s very handy to always hashtag popular brand names which you might stock e.g. #UggBoots

However, being clever and thining up a unique and clever hashtag for your business can have many advantages and go a long way for you by spreading your brand and or events.

Thanks for reading our blog we hope you have found it useful. Remember One Media Solutions is a Social Media Agency who are here to help. We do not sign you up into contracts and as every Social Media Agency should be we are here to help your business grow.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What Gets the Best Engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Facebook – if you run a Facebook business page you will realise it can be hard to post content which receives engagement. After monitoring posts for lots of our clients our study has shown that photos posted on Facebook receive the most interaction. Especially “behind the scenes” or “action” shots of your company or work place. 

A photo posted on your page is 75% more likely to receive interaction from your followers.
Make sure your photos are of high quality (no blurred images) and best yet if you can add an Instagram style affect i.e. change the colour of the background etc. your bound to get a reaction from your customers.

Twitter – twitter themselves have carried out research to see what sort of tweets would receive the highest engagement. They found that tweets including a photo or video receive 3 to 4 times more engagement e.g. retweets and replies. 

Again, as with Facebook, it is visual content which gets your content to be shared. An extra bonus in adding a photo to one of your tweets is that with Twitters busy timeline an image will stand out more to your audience and encourage them to click on your tweet. (Remember when possible to link back to your website as this will encourage a click on a link)

Pinterest – As with Twitter, Pinterest carried out their own research to find out what were the most popular types of pins. Pinterest found that certain categories performed better on certain days of the week:

Monday – Fitness and Health – Could this be because everyone starts the week with good intentions?
Tuesday – Technology and Gadgets
Wednesday – Inspirational Quotes – possibly to help us all through the working week
Thursday – Fashion
Friday – Humour – well who isn’t ready for a laugh by Friday?
Saturday – Travel – are we all thinking we should have spent the weekend away?
Sunday – Food and Craft – what else are Sundays made for?

We hope these tactics work for you. Try them out and let us know how you fair? Remember if thinking up content for your Social Media is getting too time consuming and searching for images to share is giving you a headache call One Media Solutions – we’re a top Social Media Agency who do not sign you up into contracts. There are many benefits to using a Social MediaAgency so please bear us in mind.